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1. Simplicity: Heteroduplex-based genotyping is a simple, straightforward PCR technique followed by a short mix-heat-cool step.

2. 100% accuracy: Precise detection of homo and heterozygosity, no concerns over allele drop-out, cross reactivity or primer competition.

3.  All reagents supplied: Kits contain primers, DUPLEXER? reagent, wild type and mutant controls for all known alleles, deoxynucleotide triphosphates, PCR buffer and full instructions for use. Taq polymerase of choice to be supplied by the user.

4. Master mixes: Saves time in preparation, fewer reagent handling steps, reduced chance of errors.

5. Identify multiple SNPs with a single DUPLEXER? reagent: DUPLEXER? kits include single reagent multiple SNP detection for genetic disorders with multiple allele defects, such as Canavan and von Willebrand disease.

6. Flexible choice of heteroduplex analysis platform: Heteroduplex analysis is possible on a range of equipment from simple PAGE to capillary electrophoresis.

7. Identification of new alleles: Novel heteroduplex banding patterns indicate novel genes.

8. Availability of control DNA?s for all known alleles: Forget begging for rare allele controls. All known alleles are included in the kit as controls.


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