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Introducing the AngusGenTM the Genuine Aberdeen Angus Test
How Authentic is your Aberdeen Angus?

Aberdeen Angus is one of the world’s most recognised premium food brands and commands a premium cost to the consumer. Unfortunately, as a consequence of its market domination, large numbers of adulterated Aberdeen Angus products have been distributed into the red meat market by activities of non-compliant suppliers. Cell Analysis has discussed the need to develop a genuine Aberdeen Angus test with organisations such as the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and the Aberdeen Angus Society. They both agree that there is a clear need for a reliable, fast and cost effective method of authenticity testing within the red meat sector.

Working with our partners and using our knowledge of genetics Cell Analysis set about developing the AngusGenTM test to correctly identify between genuine and non-genuine Aberdeen Angus and other breeds such as Hereford. Our partners supplied Cell Analysis with certified samples of Aberdeen Angus for research purposes allowing us to develop a genetic database, which we used to identify specific genetic SNP markers of the Aberdeen Angus breed.

Aberdeen Angus Testing
Cell Analysis has developed a series of tests that will confirm the authenticity of your Aberdeen Angus product from:

a pure Aberdeen Angus source
a half bred Aberdeen Angus source
a non-Aberdeen Angus Source
also available beef gender testing

Please read our AngusGenTM PDF for further information or get in touch with our business development team:



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