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Cell Analysis is a bio-diagnostic company, which is committed to providing solutions within the clinical, agri-food and animal health industries. Located on York Science Park, near the University of York we have been operating since 1999. The Company has applied its strengths in molecular genetics and diagnostics to offer its customers accurate, reliable and cost-effective products and services.

Our strategy is to develop first-class diagnostic technologies driven by a
growing and evolving market need.

Our target markets include:

Food Authenticity
Food can become contaminated accidentally during manufacturing or
transportation. However, in many instances food adulteration can occur
via the illegal activities of non-compliant suppliers. Cell Analysis food authenticity services are designed to reduce food fraud and become an integral component of food auditing systems.

Agricultural Genotyping
Identifying genetic traits within live stock can offer great benefits in terms of the welfare and breeding of healthy animals; enabling breeders to
capitalise on livestock with desired breeding traits. Cell Analysis has
developed a range of genetic tests to diagnose traits such as disease,
quality and colour.

Clinical Diagnostics
Heteroduplex Analysis is a diagnostic brand developed by Cell Analysis to provide clinical laboratories SNP screening kits. The kits incorporate DUPLEXERTM reagent technology and are designed for the diagnosis of genetic diseases within the clinical areas of haematology and cancer.



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