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Cell Analysis provides genetic analysis testing services using proprietary genotype assay technology within the areas of food authenticity and agricultural breed genetics. Using our genetic expertise we are continually finding new applications of genetic marker technology within the agri-food areas and are building a pipeline of new diagnostic tests.

Food Authenticity testing services are available for most food types and have been developed to help protect commercially imported food groups such as Aberdeen Angus beef. The AngusGenTM test (Angus Authenticity) has been co-developed with our partners to offer exactly what they need; a fast and cost effective testing method which will help reduce beef fraud.

Our proprietary technology and service expertise are now finding increasing applications in genetic disease areas and breed trait marker analysis. Presently our testing service includes the most commercially important porcine DNA tests covering a variety of characteristics including animal health, welfare and commercial value. If you are involved in breeding or are interested in animal improvement then please get in contact with us. We would be delighted to discuss your requirements and explain the benefits of Cell Analysis services.



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