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Cell Analysis provides a secure and comprehensive biobanking service for various genetic materials including DNA from blood or tissue samples.

Sample Collection
Blood samples may be posted, hand delivered or sent as a batch from a pre-existing archive. Samples can be sent to our laboratory either fresh using EDTA blood tubes, or frozen on dry ice.

Sample storage
We specialise in archiving DNA on FTA Elute cards that provides a stable long-term room temperature storage system, elimanating the problem of freeze/thaw sample degradation of low temperature stored samples. Furthermore, FTA Elute cards have been validated by UK Biobank.
FTA Elute cards provide a basis for multiple DNA extractions and genome amplifications for futher applications when and where you need it.

Cell Analysis are able to carry out any DNA extraction, amplification, and genotyping services or sample redistribution requirements. Our customer focused team are able to develop new analysis tools including SNP diagnostics for any further studies from your genetic database.

Sample database

All samples are assigned a unique barcode identifier on submission. The following information can all be digitally stored:

A full audit history of the sample.
Date received, processed, and destroyed.
Record of all associated purchase orders.
Genotyping tests/results.
Redistribution information.
Samples may be stored as anonymous or identified.

Database information can be accessed by our customers in a variety of ways including logging on to our website and sending a request, a pdf containing all required information can then be sent out via email.

We can accommodate most requirements and develop tailor made archive solutions for both long and short term sample storage.

Our service includes:
Standardised conditions for sampling and storage.
Bar-coded traceability system.
Quality check.
Security controlled storage.
Fire-proof storage for FTA Elute cards (2 hour protection).
GLP standards.

Other details:
5 year storage guarantee for a fixed price.
Low cost.
Rapid processing.
Flexible bespoke service to match your needs.



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