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Our authenticity testing services incorporate a wide variety of food types. Using highly sensitive DNA technology we can perform tests on raw, processed and even cooked foods. Samples should be sent to us preferably in frozen or chilled form. Further information including transportation of samples, data retrieval and costs can be obtained from our business development team.

Services include single and multiple species identification testing from the following:

farm meat produce e.g. chicken, pork, beef, lamb
fish products e.g. cod, salmon, trout
cereals e.g. wheat, barley, oats
vegetables e.g. potatoes
fruits e.g. oranges, apples, pears

Other testing services include:

species identification of non-food substances e.g. dog, rat, cat, etc
vegetarian testing for non-meat food products
identification from a single product or mixed produce
GMO identification - available soon

Benefits include:

Speed – Most data can be supplied with one working week and retrieved
using our web based results service (password encrypted).

Flexibility – We can accommodate most food DNA identification requests
and develop further tests if required

Cost Effective – Our unique patented technology enables Cell Analysis to
offer a very competitive pricing structure





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