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Cell Analysis has developed the most commercially important genotype tests to benefit pig breeders. The below information describes our range of pig genetic tests including PSS and the RN gene.

Porcine Stress Syndrome (PSS)

What is PSS?
PSS is a genetic recessive disorder that can result in sudden death, especially when the animals are subjected to stresses such as changes in the weather, handling or vaccination. Typical characteristics include the development of reddish blotches on the skin, muscle rigidity, rapid breathing and rapidly increasing body temperature. The cause of PSS within swine is the mutation of the HAL (ryanodine receptor) gene. Animals that have this mutation have meat that is frequently of lower quality.

What are the benefits of the Cell Analysis PSS test?
improved animal welfare
increase overall production and meat quality
fast / cost effective / reliable testing services



RN Gene (Rendement Napole)

What is RN?

Rendement Napole (RN) gene is a swine gene found to cause low ultimate pH and water holding capacity (WHC) in pork. The gene is also commonly called the "acid meat gene" or "Hampshire effect" due to the low ultimate meat pH it causes and because this gene has primarily been observed in purebred or crossbred Hampshire populations.

In genetic terms, inheritance of the RN gene is at a single locus and there are 2 alleles: one dominant mutant allele
(RN-) and one recessive normal allele (rn+). The dominant RN- allele causes low ultimate pH of all muscles, especially the loin and ham muscles.  Extensive research on the effects of the RN gene on pork production, especially on pork quality, has been carried out worldwide since it was discovered. Studies on the impact of the RN gene on fresh and processed pork quality have consistently shown that the RN gene has negative effects on meat pH, WHC, colour, drip loss, cooking loss and processing yield.

What are the benefits of the Cell Analysis RN test?
improved meat quality
improved breed economic capitalisation
fast / cost effective / reliable testing services






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