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Catalogue of available kits

IK0001 Factor V Leiden (R506Q)
IK0002 Prothrombin (G20210A)
IK0028 Coagulation screen (FVL, PTR) multiplex PAGE
IK0003 Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (A222V)
IK0004 Alpha-1-antitrypsin AAT-Pi*S (E264V)
IK0005 Alpha-1-antitrypsin AAT-Pi*Z (E342K)
IK0025 AAT-Pi*S/AAT-Pi*Z multiplex PCR
IK0006 Ashkenazi - Bloom 2281 (6-BP DEL/7-BP ins)
IK0007 Ashkenazi - Canavan Disease (Y231X)
IK0027 Ashkenazi - Canavan Disease (E285A/A305E) multiplex PCR
IK0030 Ashkenazi - Canavan Disease screen (Y231X, E285A/A305E)
IK0008 Ashkenazi - Familial Dysautonomia (R696P)
IK0009 Ashkenazi - Familial Dysautonomia (IVS20)
IK0032 Ashkenazi - Familial Dysautonomia screen (R696P, IVS20)
IK0010 Ashkenazi - Fanconi Anaemia (IVS4)
IK0011 Ashkenazi - Glycogen Storage 1a (R83C)
IK0012 Ashkenazi - Gaucher Disease (84GG/IVS2) multiplex PCR
IK0013 Ashkenazi - Gaucher Disease (L444P)
IK0014 Ashkenazi - Gaucher Disease (R496H)
IK0026 Ashkenazi - Gaucher Disease (N370S/V394L) multiplex PCR
IK0031 Ashkenazi - Gaucher Disease screen (84GG/IVS2, L444P,R496H,N370S/V394L)
IK0015 Ashkenazi - Niemann Pick (L302P)
IK0016 Ashkenazi - Niemann Pick (P330FS)
IK0017 Ashkenazi - Niemann Pick (ΔR608)
IK0018 Ashkenazi - Niemann Pick (R496L)
IK0029 Ashkenazi - Niemann-Pick screen (L302P, P330FS, ΔR608, R496L)
IK0019 Ashkenazi - Ushers Syndrome type 1F (R245X)
IK0020 Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 3 (R248C/S249C/P250R) multiplex PCR
IK0021 Haemochromatosis (C282Y)
IK0022 Haemochromatosis (H63D)
IK0034 Haemochromatosis screen (C282Y,H63D)
IK0023 von Willebrand Factor exon19 (R816W/H817Q) multiplex PCR
IK0024 von Willebrand Factor exon20 (R852Q/R854W/R854Q/C858F) multiplex PCR
IK0033 von Willebrand Factor screen (exons 19, 20)

Kits contain primers, heteroduplex reagent, wild type and mutant controls for all known allelles, deoxynucleotide triphosphates, PCR buffer and full instructions for use. Taq polymerase to be supplied by the user.

Kits are available in two sizes 10 or 25 tests.

Multiplex PCR multiple SNPs are detected from a single PCR
Multiplex PAGE PCR products from two or more SNP tests can be run in a single PAGE lane

All Heteroduplex Analysis products are accredited to ISO13485:2003(E)

How to place an order:
You can post, fax, telephone an order to the details below, or email:



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