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Food adulteration is a growing concern and in the current climate of
increasing consumer awareness and corporate due diligence, food
producers and retailers are now facing pressure to trace and label
food accurately.

Food can become contaminated accidentally during manufacturing
or transportation. However, in many instances food adulteration can
occur via the illegal activities of non-compliant suppliers.
Cell Analysis’ authentication services are designed to help reduce
food fraud and become an integral component of food auditing systems.

Cell Analysis provides DNA testing services using a range of molecular
technologies. Our scientists have developed a series of DNA tests to
correctly identify and confirm the authenticity of food products.

Our services can help answer questions and concerns such as:

The food product that I have just bought does not seem to to the description on the label.
I am concerned that my food product has other food substances such allergens that are not defined within the ingredients label.
I am worried that my vegetarian food product has been contaminated with meat.



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