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Recent advances molecular biology has enabled the development of high-throughput DNA sequencing. New bioinformatics technologies have promoted a prolific rise in the identification of genetic markers through the analysis of comparative re-sequencing of genomic DNA.

At Cell Analysis we specialise in the detection and analysis of genetic markers called single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Unlike other types of genetic markers, SNPs routinely occur in protein coding or regulatory regions of DNA; so are heritable, conserved and highly stable within populations.

DNA marker technology is now widely recognised as representing a means to diagnose genetic diseases and identify the species and breeds (biotypes) of organisms:

Some SNPs directly cause, and are linked to, genetic diseases of humans and animals. Cell Analysis technology can be used to effectively and rapidly diagnose the genetic sources of these diseases.

SNPs are also the fundamental unit of genetic variation amongst organisms; every organism harbouring a unique SNP signature. Characterisation of SNP signatures allows us to identify differences between species, but also allows us to make a clear distinction between different varieties of the same species.

At Cell Analysis we have developed SNP analysis technology which is:

Robust - tests can be performed from a of tissues (including blood, hair and muscle) and (humans, animals and bacteria)
Sensitive – only very small quantities DNA are required
Fast – Automated and high-throughput analysis with results provided via our web server
Cost effective – our technology allows to offer a very completive price

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